Birchbox Fails and Wins

Word around the blogosphere for this particular Birchbox was that it was a major disappointment to all involved. Given that the Birchbox before that one ended up getting entirely tossed out/given away it didn’t bode well for my continued BB subscription. So I was a bit more hesitant than I normally would have been when I opened my box last night (after getting home from a grueling 6 hour LSAT class.) Would it contain joy or sorrow?

Bits of both, really.

August 2011 Birchbox

I think there were 3 different Birchboxes, possibly 4 sent out this time. I envied some and was glad I didn’t receive others. Here’s what I got:

  1. blinc Eyeliner
  2. Carol’s Daughter – Monoi Repairing Hair Mask
  3. Liftlab Lift and Fix high Potency Solution
  4. Tocca Eau de parfum in Stella and Cleopatra samples
  5. ‘extra’ Twistband Hair Tie

You can get a complete list of what the other BBs may or may not include at MakeupTalk’s August 2011 Birchbox forum: here.

Let me just say that I SO wanted the Smashbox primer and that shaving anti-ingrown hair thing. >> I HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN.

 blinc Eyeliner – It’s a liquid liner that you should twist open carefully. Definitely do not attempt to rip-off-the-cap because you will spill. …Not that such a thing happened to me. It also kind of resembles a medical device what with how long the brush is.

"Nurse! Get me 1cc of blinc STAT. She needs...defined eyes!"

The claim is that this liner will stay through “rain, tears, sweat and anything else you throw its way.” The packaging also states that NO amount of pressure, or NO amount of water alone will remove it – that you must use a combination of warm water, soap and continous presure to get it to come off.

Immediately After Application | One Minute After Application | Three Minutes After Application With Moderate Pressure

I waited for what I felt was a reasonable amount of time (3 minutes) and then applied moderate pressure. It flaked off wherever the application was not even. I also tested it on my eyes and after 4 minutes the same thing happened. I do tend to rub my eyes quite a bit so this was a no-no for me. Not to mention the fact that it wouldn’t get onto my waterline no matter what I did D:

Monoi Repairing Hair Mask - It didn’t do much for my hair, but my hair is in relatively good condition as it’s all new growth (long story short – all my hair fell out about two years ago and so I trimmed and trimmed and the hair I have now is virginal and pure. I barely even straighten it!)

When I was a teeny tiny EA there were Gardenias hung over my crib. The smell is very nostalgic to me and this Mask had me right back there. It smells EXACTLY like Gardenias. Sadly it didn’t leave the smell on my hair so there was no use in it.

It DID leave a weird…almost oily residue on my scalp and hands that I had to wash vigorously to get off. Is that a sign of how mositurizing it is?

Lift and Fix High Potency Solution - It’s an anti aging serum and…well I mean, how can I review it? I don’t really have anything to test this out on. This is going into the “Things To Offer My Friends/Visitors” basket. (When you come to see me you get beauty products, not candies or refreshments!)

Tocca Stella Perfume Sample - Stella is definitely “younger” than Cleopatra. I smelled tons of Freesia. It’s supposed to have cirusty topnotes but I didn’t catch them at all. It was not an unpleasant smell, not overwhelming. It reminds me of a toned down version of Paris Hilton’s original perfume.

Tocca Cleopatra Perfume Sample - Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely  is my “modern” signature scent. Cleopatra reminded me heavily of JSP’s Lovely – though they share few similar scents. Cleopatra (to me) smells of Jasmine, Amber and light hints of Patchouli. It’s bordering on an old lady smell – but I like those. For those of you who are curious Anais Anais is my “classic” signature scent.

The Infamous Twistband Tie - I was lucky to cheat and read other people’s BB reviews before I got my box. Otherwise I too would have thrown this out as a scrap of random ribbon. I mean seriously?

This soft elastic gives the hair tie a sophisticated makeover – it looks as good on your wrist as it does in your hair.

…It’s an elastic and not a very good one at that.

Am I Modern Yet?

Apparently, September is BB’s anniversary so I’m holding off until that box before I cancel. Unless it’s the most glorious thing ever, I could just as easily get my perfume samples at Sephora and spend the $10 on a polish or lippie I know i’ll like.

So that was the fail. These are the wins.

40 Followers may seem like small cheese (is that an expression?) to some people, but to me it’s really touching and awesome! So thank you to the new followers and welcome!

I’ve won Sunday Girl’s FB giveaway and can’t wait to get my UK-based Collection 2000 lippies.

I ALSO won Makeup and Macaroon’s Flormar giveaway.

Both of these wins are super awesome because they’re brands that I can’t get easily here in the States. SO excited! SO SO SO EXCITED.

All for now!

<3 EA

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5 Responses to Birchbox Fails and Wins

  1. HA HA you got the same crappy box I did! *points* *but then pouts* The liner packaging is crappy! And I’m so happy you could see what I saw in terms of quality. It peels badly. I put it on yesterday and when I looked in the mirror to check on it an hour later it had flaked off in a few parts. Another blogger said she was canceling. I was gonna cancel till you mentioned their Anniversary. :/
    Red Lips, Black Hair recently posted..Too Faced Naked Eye Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection

  2. Stacey says:

    LOL @ that elastic!! That blinc eyeliner looks kinda terrible too…
    Cant wait to read about your 2 giveaway wins though!! your so lucky!!
    Stacey recently posted..NOTD: Orange Addiction

  3. Y says:

    I don’t know what it is that draws me so much to Birchbox posts, but I have yet to give in & subscribe! Anyhoo, new follower here, hola my dear! :)
    Y recently posted..Stiletto Nails

  4. Dinorah says:

    LOL @ “Am I modern yet” I haven’t seen anyone that liked their August Birchbox. Seems like they really dropped the ball this month. That eyeliner is pretty pathetic too lol Sorry about the fail this month. I hope it’s better in Sept
    Dinorah recently posted..Big Thanks to VintageMakeup & Stages of Beauty!

  5. Lauren says:

    I have a sample of the Tocca Cleopatra perfume but really don’t like it. =/
    Lauren recently posted..NOTD: Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

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