BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette 2nd Edition – Review and Swatches

I have a pretty awesome little sister. Harmony-Phoebe, Harmony for short and sometimes “Grandpa” (don’t ask) is not a makeup kind of gal. Though she looks fabulous with it on she’s a lot more dedicated to studies and gaming than she is to flaunting her gorgeous looks. That doesn’t stop her from supporting my makeup addiction though! As a “Happy-This-Crappy-Semester-Is-Over” gift she purchased my first large eyeshadow palette, BH Cosmetic’s 120 Color Palette (2nd Edition.) At the same time I purchased the 3rd edition, but this review will focus on my baby sis’ gift to me!

Box of Glory

PLEASE NOTE. This is a PICTURE INTENSIVE post. There are a LOT of images so please  make sure you have a clean cache and not too many windows open when you go past this point. (But I promise it’s worth it.)

Generic Info: I placed my order from BH Cosmetics on May 29th; it was shipped out two days later on the 31st. UPS delivered the beautiful package to my door on June 1st! That’s a total of 3 business days from payment to delivery. Not bad at all! My shipping was also free as the combined total of the two palettes came to over $40. At the time there was a sale so the total for both was $49.86 shipped. BH cosmetics is usually having a sale, so you can almost always get them for less than the listed price.

It would be remiss of me to go over BH Cosmetics without mentioning Coastal Scents, Manly, Sedona Lace and the dozens of no-name palettes. All of these companies get their makeup from the same source and rebrand the products. This means that the quality of the products is the same, with the only difference being the packaging. At any given time one will be cheaper than the other so it’s worth it to shop around.

My package from BH Cosmetics came REALLY well packed. There was a ton of brown paper and bubble wrap; none of the eyeshadows were cracked at all. It was great!

Packaging: As I mentioned above, the only real difference between the different palette selling companies is the packaging. The supplier offers the option to include mirrors, to use a sticker or etching for the brand name on the product and I believe a higher or lower quality plastic. The palettes came in medium-quality black plastic and with no mirror. I try not to open the lid with too much force as the hinges are not metal and feel that they could easily snap.


Top Palette

Bottom Palette

As you can see, the 2nd edition features primarily primary colors. There are a few rows of neutrals, but it’s mostly colors. One thing I really loved was the good mix of matte, shimmer and glittery colors. There were also a few frosted colors among the lighter shades. It’s a really good selection of colors for beginners, providing tons of blending possibilities.

When I first saw the bottom palette, I thought they had repeated some of the colors. But, as you will see in the swatches below, they apply much differently than the similar ones on the top. I didn’t really see any duplicates here.


The eyeshadows have a makeup scent to them. If you’ve ever been to an art room and smelled the palettes or the collections of pastel paints you’ll recognize it. I don’t mind it at all but I’ve read a lot of comments on it so I felt the need to mention it.

The quality of the eyeshadow itself varies from color to color. Some are chalkier than others, some are more pigmented, some apply more easily, some last for hours on and and others melt away within an hour of application. If you’re looking for consistency this is not the palette for you.

Pigmentation (and Swatches):

You can view BH Cosmetic’s official images for this palette here. I feel that the colors were fairly accurately depicted, but that the professional lighting may have resulted in slightly more saturation of the colors than there is in person.

Now, the swatches are going to be below. But before I get into them I want to provide the below swatch guide for your ease of viewing.

Also note that you can click any of the swatches for a SUPER close up. ;D

Swatch Guide

Also, the swatches are in order of left-to-right from the top palette to the bottom palette. DEEP BREATH and here we go.

The Top Palette:

Top Column 1

Top Column 2

Top Column 3

Top Column 4

Top Column 5

Top Column 6

Top Column 7

Top Column 8

Top Column 9

Top Column 10

The Bottom Palette

Bottom Column 1

Bottom Column 2

Bottom Column 3

Bottom Column 4

Bottom Column 5

Bottom Column 6

Bottom Column 7

Bottom Column 8

Bottom Column 9

Bottom Column 10


I would like to note that after the above swatches my left arm was literally indian-burned for two weeks. IT WAS ALL FOR YOU PEOPLE. Of course…it may or may not have been my fault for swatching them all on one arm. ~cough~

Packaging: 6/10

Selection: 8/10

Quality: 6/10

Pigmentation: 8/10

Overall: 7/10

If you’re used to consistent quality and don’t like to experiment, there’s no real point to buying this. You could spend the same amount of money and buy a higher end palette of colors you DO know you’ll like.

If you’re new to makeup and don’t want to spend a ton of money this is a great starting point. You can learn which colors you like and don’t like and experiment with some you’d never have thought of.

<3 EA

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10 Responses to BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette 2nd Edition – Review and Swatches

  1. Wow that was so nice of her! :) Looks like a lot of great shades.

  2. Dinah says:

    Great review and swatches babes! I love all the blues and greens. I hope the indian burn went away. =(

  3. Sara.H says:

    Thanks for the swatches :) the palette looks WOW!!

  4. Shivani says:

    Fantastic review! I’m not into extensive palettes though, I would not know what to do with so many colors.

  5. Adrienne says:

    I really want a large palette but I know 98% of the shades will go unused, im a neutral only kinda gal haha! Your poor arm :( thats dedication for ya! haha x

  6. I have all four of Coastal Scents palettes but for some reason I’m always tempted to buy this one as well. Do you have any CS palettes and would you be able to compare them?

    New follower, hope you’ll check out my blog,
    Meredith Jessica

  7. Hey!Thanks for the awesome swatches:) I love 120 color palette…it’s great for everyday use!xoxo

  8. I noticed my 120 palette has a very strong scent that I can’t get rid of no matter how much I air it out. I thought it was the packaging that smelled like that.>_< Anyways, great pics! What cam do you use?:)

  9. Olivia says:

    Thank you, so so so much! I can not even say how helpful this is!

    I have been wanting and wanting to order a large eyeshadow palette, but I had no idea which one to buy. 6 months of searching later I found this website and was convinced within 15 minutes.

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE SWATCHES! That must have been a pain to do.

    Thanks again, a reader :)

  10. akanksah says:

    nice. but i have a question , how many eye shadows do u use ??? will u be able to finish even one of these palletes in ur entire lifetime ???? isnt it a waste to buy so much ??

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