Benefit’s the POREfessional – Review

One Prime Day (Mac Lipstick Not Included)

If there’s one thing (besides orange lipsticks) that I think is a good idea on the beauty/makeup world – it’s samples. Especially the kind you can use more than once. I actually purchased Benefit’s One Prime Day kit several months ago. The (not currently in stock) $10USD kit contained a .25 oz Mini of That Gal and  the POREfessional respectively and a .9oz Stay Don’t Stray. I’m a bit late for others to take advantage of this sample kit, but having used up all the samples I can now report on the three products contained within. Here’s the first: the POREfessional.

General Information:

Like I said, I got my .25 oz the POREfessional from Benefit’s One Prime Day kit. The full size product contains .75 oz for $29.00 USD. It claims to minimize the appearance of pores and that it can be used both over and under makeup. It claims to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines as well as smooth skin.  You’re supposed to be able to apply it both under makeup (as a primer) and over makeup.


True to advertising, the POREfessional is a translucent balm. It does have a little bit of tint to it and I’ve seen it give an unnatural cast to dark skin. However, on my medium-dark skin it faded pretty nicely and left no such cast. I should mention that the POREfessional does have silicone.  Full ingredients list below:


Dollop (left) and Smoothed Out (Right)



The POREfessional feels pretty silky and soft when being applied. But that was where the problems started for me. As per the instructions I apply this on clean, lightly moisturized skin. Though it feels smooth coming on, it quickly balls up and flakes. Yes, I make sure my moisturizer has fully absorbed into my skin. Although I try to smooth out the remainder, I find that my foundation still balls up and doesn’t’ settle cleanly onto my skin. In addition to flaking and balling, it also clung to dry patches in my skin. All in all, this is not a product that works well on my skin in terms of applying.


With that said, when applied on unmoisturized skin and not followed up with foundation – I did notice one effect: reduced pores.

Before the POREfessional

After the POREfessional

It also temporarily reduced oiliness. But, it did nothing for my fine lines.


I can’t give an accurate measure of the wear with makeup over or under the POREfessional. I simply can’t stand to use it that way. Without either, it lasts about 2-3 hours on my skin before it seems to melt or fade. Not terribly impressive.


I think this is a boon to girls with naturally clear skin, normal-to-semi-oily skin or those who favor powder-foundations to liquid. I can’t recommend it to those of you with very dry or very oily skin, as it doesn’t resolve either issue and doesn’t play well with moisturizers. I ALSO can’t recommend it for those who like to wear liquid foundation – due to the way it messes with the three formulas of foundation i’ve tried it with.

Value: 4/5

The sample size isn’t a great value. But given the little amount of product needed (depending on the area of your face that suffers from large pores) the full-size can go a long way.

Packaging: 4/5

This suffers from the same pitfalls of other open-mouthed squeezey plastic tubes. You risk missing out on product and wasting the product that gets crusted at the opening. But it’s otherwise effective.

Formula: 7/10

The silky feeling formula contains silicone, which some people don’t like.  Although this might give a white cast to the darkest of skintones, it generally becomes translucent upon application.

Application: 5/10

On anything but the cleanest skin, it balled up on me and ruined my foundation. On clean skin, it applies in a manner typical to silicone based primers. Lots of slip!

Results: 6/10

It delivered fairly impressive pore reduction and did a little bit for oily skin. However it did absolutely nothing for fine lines.

Wear: 4/10

On clean skin with nothing else on it, it goes 3 hours max. With foundation or moisturizer involved? It balls off almost immediately.

Overall: 66% (D+)

This was not a great product for me, though I can admittedly see why some people love it. IMO The most important consideration to make is whether or not you need to use other products, or if you’re only looking to reduce your pores.

<3 EA

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6 Responses to Benefit’s the POREfessional – Review

  1. sara says:

    Oh me! I just recently bought it but I haven’t tried it yet. After reading your post, I am a little sad. I use liquid foundation most of the time *sigh* Let’s see how it turns out for me. Thank you for the detailed review. :) x
    sara recently posted..MUA Blusher in Shade 5 – Review & swatches

    • Eden-Avalon says:

      Don’t be scared Sara! I have very particular skin and this product has a lot of great reviews. One thing I would heartily recommend is making sure your moisturizer (or whatever you use before this) has REALLY absorbed before you apply it.

  2. I love big samples!!! I’m practically living on Sensai samples :D I had the same problem with the balling up und the flakes…. but have tried applying it with a dabbing movement? for me the key is to touch it as little as possible… but to be honest, I never use it. A normal fixing powder works much better :P
    ねこちゃん recently posted..The Vegan Stoner or how to feed your head..

    • Eden-Avalon says:

      I need a primer and powder, but POREfessional isn’t for me. Because of my sensitive skin, I always make sure to pat/dab my skin products. Sadly – it didn’t help me much with this. Of course, that’s the other good part about samples – you don’t spend all the money of a full size product to find out if you like the product or not!

  3. I used to love this stuff! But you know what? I use La Roche Posy Effaclar to clean out my pores and it makes them less noticeable as well, so now I don’t need it!
    Great review as always!
    Tracy@Beauty Reflections recently posted..Get the Modern-Vintage Summer Dress Look!

  4. omg I had the worst experience with this product… I’m not sure which ingredient it was, but I broke out in hives!!! every time I see it, I relive that moment of pain and agony… yikes!!
    Maryam Maquillage recently posted..Señorita Carmencita

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