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Sula Lipsticks (From Left To Right: Quick Escape, Awake Till Sunrise and Love At First Sight)

Sula Lipsticks – Review and Swatches

I did end up returning Sula’s natural blush in Forget Me Not. It just wasn’t going to work (tragic, I know.) But I didn’t want to write off the Sula brand just yet and so I headed hopefully back to the display in the hopes of finding non-tested lipsticks. I ended up clutching 3 to my heart (all the way up to the register) – two of them were sealed and one only looked as if it had been opened. The prevailing thought as I paid for them? “I’d look like a huge jerk if I ended up returning these too so I’d better like them!”

Petal Pusher

My Wet n Wild Palette Swatches and EOTDs

It feels a bit silly to review any of Wet n Wild’s recently (and not so recently) released palettes when there are so many great reviews out there. But I like finding as many swatches of products as I can before I make a purchase. This is especially true for the Wet n Wild palettes given the fact that they are so COSTLY for ladies not in the states. So here’s my first “Swatches Only” post featuring the 3 Wet n Wild palettes I own: 8 Pans Petal Pusher and Blue Had Me At Hello as well as the trio Silent Treatment.

Of course – i’ll include some of my thoughts so don’t worry. This won’t be a pictures only post.

MAC Peaches

MAC Powder Blush in Peaches – Review and Swatch

The first MAC blush I ever used was one I didn’t use on myself, but that a MUA put on me. It was Breezy and while it was pretty – I didn’t care for it.

You may or may not have noticed but I prefer a matte finish on my blushes, or at most a dewy finish. Anything else just makes me feel so circa 2001. My cheeks are oily enough on their own – they don’t need help in the shiny department. While it’s relatively simple to find matte finish blushes in the high-end range, the color selection I’ve been able to find has been pretty limited. Enter MAC’s Peaches.

Essence Long Lasting Lip Gloss in Candy Bar

Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lip Gloss – Review and Swatches

So if you recall, I had my first Ulta hall wayyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyy back in late June. I still haven’t reviewed all the products I bought that day (It’s terrible, I know!) Lately i’ve taken to separating the products I need to review in a separate box that is more easily accessible than the rest of my makeup. That way I am more inclined to wear it/get an idea of its use so I can better review it. Somehow this gloss just kept not-falling into my hands. Maybe it’s because I’ve recently become a lipstick addict, but I just wasn’t particularly drawn to it. But last weekend I purchased a second color of the SWMLLL’s (long acronym!) and I finally got enough use out of them to feel comfortable with this review.

MAC Vegas Volt

MAC Vegas Volt – Review and Swatch

I’m still trying to work out how my new review methods are going to work. The 10/10 system doesn’t weigh things the way i’d like them to, but I like how easy it is for people to understand. I think I may switch to an /5 system where some sections are weighed more heavily than others.

But that’s completely unrelated to this post! …kind of.

The Summers of 2010 and 2011 were an exciting time in the world of lip products. All of a sudden orange was an acceptable lip color and the beauty blogging world has never looked back. I tend to go about things a bit backwards – I started my orange kick with the boldest of the bold and now i’m looking back to softer options. Vegas Volt was suggested to me by a bajillion people as a popular coral for tanned girls. At the time I purchased it I still didn’t have a great idea of what “Coral” meant (as compared to Peach/Orange/Pink) so you’ll pardon my surprise when I opened up Vegas Volt and said “Holy ‘Effing Kittens That’s Pink!”